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The Zero Carbon Project is an example of just one of the many ways in which blockchain technology can unlock pathways to the solution of seemingly intractable environmental problems – in this case, accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions and tackling climate change.

It aims to create a significant impact on the current climate change crisis through drastically reduced energy prices. It will do this by delivering lower prices for energy through a blockchain-driven economy called the Zero Carbon Market. This intends to provide competitive price reductions while providing consumers with a range of zero carbon energy options, sourced from a variety of technologies including renewables, which will be available at lower costs than they currently are. In this way, they intend to convert consumers over to zero-carbon energy offset by international carbon credits. The Zero Carbon Market will allow competing energy suppliers to offer their services in an environment where consumers can compare like-for-like energy products.

The power behind the Zero Carbon Market will be its ERC20 utility token, Energis (NRG), which will provide a competitive payment method for supplies. At the same time, 70% of NRG will be redistributed to market users.

Derek Meyers, CEO of Zero Carbon Project has stated: “Blockchain technology has already shown its potential for innovation and its ability to affect real change within industries such as finance, logistics and even real estate. Now it’s time to put this technology to work to help make the world a better place. Our Energis token economy will provide the catalyst for changing consumers’ behaviour, by rewarding them for switching to zero carbon energy.”  Derek Meyers, CEO of Zero Carbon Project. (Source: medium.com/zero-carbon-project)

Earlier this week, the Zero Carbon Project announced that it has been accepted to list the Energis token sale on the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange token sale platform, the GBX Grid. Subject to formalities, it will then also be granted access to the secondary market, the GBX Digital Asset Exchange.

The Zero Carbon Project was supported in the GBX’s rigorous listing process by the Sponsor Firm, AmaZix, a leading ICO community management ICO consultancy firm who have provided ICO services to almost 100 clients.