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The Gibraltar Blockchain exchange today announced the approval of Crypto SA as its first Australia-based Sponsor Firm. This makes Crypto SA GBX’s 14th sponsor and its approval means it can now bring token issuers to the GBX Grid and Digital Asset Exchange. The GBX’s network continues to extend across the globe from its base in Gibraltar, adding Australia to a reach that includes Europe, North America and Asia.

Founded by Yawn Rong and Michael Zhang, Crypto SA has bases in Adelaide, Melbourne and Beijing. The firm specializes in blockchain investment combined with advisory and incubator solutions. It works in particular with early stage participation in upcoming blockchain projects, excelling in identifying token sale ‘pain points’ and developing effective solutions, with appropriate advice and services.

A specialist in providing advice in ICO project operation, exchange compliance and listing, Crypto SA’s Co-Founder, Yawn Rong has said: “At Crypto SA, we come to work every day because we believe in the ideology and technology behind the blockchain and decentralised applications that will reshape our future. We are proud to be part of this disruptive revolution that will go down in history.” (cryptosa.org).

Michael Zhang, an experienced angel investor, cryptocurrency trader and Crypto SA’s other co-founder adds: “We are very excited about this opportunity to work with GBX. We share common belief and goals in this nascent but promising industry. We believe what GBX strikes to achieve is important for this industry to move forward. We are aiming to push top-tier ICO projects through GBX Grid and enhance the market presence of GBX in the Asian-Pacific region.” (cit in GBX.gi)

This announcement marks yet another milestone in Gibraltar’s journey at the forefront of the fintech industry at what is still the relatively early stages of the blockchain’s evolution. Operating in Gibraltar’s forward-thinking and robustly regulated environment, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is rapidly establishing itself as a truly global, institutional grade token exchange platform, of high appeal to firms such as Crypto SA, who have taken their place alongside GBX’s other sponsor firms.