Gibraltar is one of the world’s leading jurisdictions in welcoming, regulating and fostering fintech businesses. Having established a world-first in regulating the use of direct ledger technology for the transfer of value, Gibraltar has attracted expertise, entrepreneurs and world-leading businesses to its shores. keeps you up-to-date with developments here, introduces you to its exemplary professional services experts, and engages with some of the world’s fascinating examples of the application of blockchain technology and advances in the world of cryptocurrency. is

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5th October 2019

Gibraltar School Cyber Club wins ‘Best Educator’ Award

One of Gibraltar's two comprehensive schools, Bayside School,  has been awarded ‘Best Educator’ for its Cyber Club headed by Steward Harrison, at the 2019 Seriously Security Awards held in London.…
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2nd October 2019

Revolut CEO: We are taking steps to minimise Brexit disruption

In Gibraltar we no longer pay for things, we Revolut them. We don’t exchange money, we Revolut it. And it seems we’re not alone in this; in the four years…
25th September 2019

Nadine Collado: Gibraltar is leading the way in blockchain education

Gibraltar’s reputation as a leading centre for the regulation of distributed ledger technologies is starting to gain traction worldwide. As its profile grows, it is rather fitting that the University…
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13th September 2019

Network and Share: Blockchain Events Autumn 2019

Autumn Opportunities to Network and Share Information While regulators and jurisdictions grapple with the importance of protecting consumers while still allowing for innovation, and responses to Facebook's Libra and the…
30th August 2019

Lendingblock: Our Gibraltar DLT Licence is just the start

Innovative Gibraltar-based lending platform and fintech startup, Lendingblock has recently been granted a Distributed Ledger Technology Provider licence by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Seeking to set a new benchmark…
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29th August 2019

DAM – Digital Asset Management – talk to

"You need to raise capital...have a lot of tenacity...and if we can do it, then anyone can!" Thomas Johnson COO of DAM (Digital Asset Management) in Gibraltar, with his colleagues…