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According to the UK FinTech Census 2019, the biggest challenge facing UK Fintech companies is attracting qualified or suitable talent. With the pace of expansion of the global fintech sector gaining momentum and Gibraltar’s position as a regulator of DLT, those with suitable skills could well be in-demand. But what skills will make you a suitable? Here we list the top skills you’ll need to succeed in Gibraltar’s Fintech sector. 

1: Expertise in Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology

The demand for experts in blockchain and related technologies is rising thanks to the boom in the cryptocurrency industry. In fact, a recent study by US job site Hired, stated that the demand for specialist blockchain engineers was up by 517%. A study by LinkedIn placed the job ‘Blockchain Developer’ as the top emerging career during 2017. And it is not only technical skills that are in demand, there is also a need for professionals who understand the technology and the ecosystem it operates in. As Gibraltar’s importance as a regulatory hub for Fintech firms grows, established businesses including legal firms, insurance companies and financial institutions are upskilling team members within the area. The University of Gibraltar is running a Professional Certificate in Blockchain and Smart Contracts which starts in February 2020.

2: Expertise in Financial Services Regulation & Compliance

Gibraltar’s status as a centre for the regulation of Distributed Ledger Technology could lead to a demand for those with experience within regulation and/or compliance. As the robust, yet new regulation framework starts to develop with the granting of more licences, the need for skills and/or qualifications in finance regulation and compliance will be desirable. If you’re looking to start your career within the area of financial regulation, The Chartered Governance Institute’s short course in UK Financial Regulations is a good start.


3: Expertise in Software Engineering and Data Science 

Fintech firms such as Revolut rely on armies of talented software engineers to deliver the innovation that powers them. As is the case with blockchain skills, the UK’s Fintech sector is suffering a skills shortage with most firms citing ‘software engineering, system architecture and development’ as the most in-demand skills. Fintech firms also hire people with specialist skills within data analysis and data science. While there are limited opportunities to study these subjects here in Gibraltar, organisations like GANT and Girls in Tech are useful networks to tap into.


  1. Expertise in Cybersecurity 

We’ve all read the headlines about large-scale cyber attacks on global companies and government-linked organisations abroad, but cybercrime is a real threat much closer to home too. According to local news reports last year, the Government of Gibraltar’s own site was down following an attack by a ‘hacktivist group’. With the frequency and cost of cyber attacks set to continue, knowledge of the cybersecurity space and skills on how to prevent attacks are very much in demand at FinTech firms. You can boost your CV and gain skills within cybersecurity through credible training schemes like Cyber Essentials which is a UK Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.