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“You need to raise capital…have a lot of tenacity…and if we can do it, then anyone can!” Thomas Johnson COO of DAM (Digital Asset Management) in Gibraltar, with his colleagues and co-founders, Philip Vasquez (CCO and CLO) and Sam Buxton (CEO), spoke to about their experiences as a fintech startup in Gibraltar, the highs and lows and how they found the regulatory process.  Thomas’ summary of what it takes to successfully set up an enterprise working with digital assets somewhat belies the extraordinarily hard work that went into the company by its founders. “You just need to be ready for the grind,” Sam Buxton adds.

DAM was incorporated in 2017. The company is often referred to as  a true Gibraltar startup as a result of the Company being the only DLT approved institution whose founding members are from Gibraltar. Since its start, the company has processed millions of pounds worth of digital assets for high net worth individuals and financial institutions through its exchange services and custody solutions. joined Vasquez, Buxton and Johnson in their office in Gibraltar, in the middle of a busy afternoon. Click on the link to listen to what they have to say about DAM, the regulatory process and the services that they provide their expanding client base.


Philip Vasquez, Sam Buxton and Thomas Johnson (from left to right), Co-founders of Digital Asset Management