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DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED – Gibraltar’s home grown digital asset startup.


DAM’s founders are Gibraltarians who have organically come together through Gibraltar’s community to establish a sustainable venture that is providing real solutions in the management of digital assets. Sam Buxton, Philip Vasquez and Thomas Johnson have spent the last three years working in and personally building Gibraltar’s nascent fintech/start up community. These founders have also been working in fintech companies as well as managing and storing digital currencies since 2015. DAM’s founders, advisors and board of directors are dedicated to drive adoption, education and innovative investment strategies in distributed ledger technologies and their derived asset classes.


Buying, managing and storing digital assets is a tedious and risky process. DAM’s founders recognized the need for a one stop shop to assist private and institutional clients with investing and storing cryptocurrency in a regulated environment. DAM is currently  working towards becoming a regulated Distributed Ledger Technology provider under Gibraltar law for the purposes of Digital Asset custodianship and digital asset management.


DAM assists individuals and institutions with buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies.

A dedicated Portfolio Manager will set up a meeting with you to discuss your investment goals, risk tolerance and other important information needed to build your client profile. DAM will then advise you on a service that best suits your investment need.

The minimum investment is £5000.00 and DAM build portfolios of cryptocurrencies for their clients. There is no maximum investment and portfolios range in size. DAM offers a ‘hands off’ experience for clients who do not have the time or expertise to be constantly checking and worrying about the markets. Managed portfolios operate under a ‘NO Performance, NO Pay Policy’, if your portfolio does not increase in value, there is no charge.

For those clients who want full control over their trades, DAM provide an Execution Only service through their OTC or ‘Over The Counter’ exchange. Clients who have been fully on boarded can pick up the phone, call their trade desk and place trades from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

All of DAM’s client assets are stored in their Digital Asset Vault located in Gibraltar. Storing your assets online or at home is a liability and DAM advise against this. Institutional and private clients can use the vault facility without being an investment client. Vault fees are 0.90% per annum for private clients and 1.20% per annum for institutional clients. Institutional Clients include exchanges, cryptocurrency funds, ICOs and traditional firms who want exposure to digital assets.

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Disclaimer: Digital Asset Management Limited (“DAM”) is not a licensed Investment Manager and does not advise or assist with the acquisition or management of financial instruments under the Financial Services (Markets in Financial Instruments) Act 2006 or instruments representing Collective Investment Schemes under Gibraltar Law. Investing in cryptocurrencies and tokens (“Digital Assets”) is a high risk activity with risks not typically associated with conventional assets. DAM is presently seeking regulatory authorisation in relation to being custodian of and managing Digital Assets and reviews its regulatory obligations regularly.