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Stryking Entertainment GmbH to launch its STRYKZ token sale event on the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange.

The STRKYZ will be the second token to launch on the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX); earlier this year GBX raised over $21 million in its own token sale, selling out within 9 seconds in their public sale. Aiming to raise $20 million, the public token sale is intended to start on June 15th and coincides, appropriately with the start of the FIFA World Cup tournament. Stryking is currently in the pre-sale phase of the project, preparing special offers to attract early contributors.

Stryking is a German-based development company that operates the Football-Stars fantasy sports platform. Through the STRYKZ token, Stryking aims to create a more user-centric gaming experience by tokenizing the platform. Football-Stars has an official Bundesliga license and partnerships with Kicker magazine and sportdigital.tv. and the platform has been endorsed by FIFA World Footballer of the Year, Luis Figo, star player with both Barcelona and Real Madrid. Football-Stars has successfully mined the passion of the world’s millions of football fans with an immersive and interactive online experience, whereby they get to manage teams, compete against peers and receive rewards.

GBX have established a rigorous application process for firms that wish to list on the Exchange, this based on best practices and the high industry standards already achieved at the Gibraltar Stock Exchange of which GBX is a subsidiary. The GBX Grid, its institutional-grade listing platform for token sales, aims to give token buyers confidence and peace of mind, ensuring that all the projects listed on the exchange have been vetted by appointed Sponsor Firms and holding token issuers to fulfilling the commitments they make in their white papers. In Stryking’s case, the sponsor firm was True Global Ventures, one of the sponsor firms in the GBX’s Sponsor Firm Network.