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fintech and blockchain

Iconiq Lab, connected to GBX sponsor firm, Iconiq Holding, is to launch its first token, the ICNQ, here in Gibraltar on the GBX Grid.

The public sale is scheduled for October 2018, with the selling of a portion of 10 million previously-reserved ICNQ tokens. After the sale, the ICNQ tokens will apply to be listed on the digital asset exchange, the GBX-DAX. The ICNQ token is an ERC-20 token and will be used both as a membership instrument and as a voucher instrument for payments within the Iconiq ecosystem.

With a wealth of financial management experience behind it, Iconiq Holding aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the emerging blockchain industries. This is to be effected through the launching of a series of enterprise-grade digital asset index funds, thereby promoting the growing credibility and increasing adoption of the cryptospace by traditional investors.

Iconiq Holding is also developing what it believes is a premier digital asset management ecosystem, creating reputable and trusted financial vehicles and opportunities for investors in the blockchain market. The ICNQ token will be able to interact in this ecosystem, complementing the token’s existing membership functionalities used by Iconiq Lab, which is the world’s first blockchain-based Decentralised VC Club. The token allows its holders exclusive access to presales of companies successfully completing iconiq Lab’s token sale accelerator programme. As a voucher instrument, it can also be used for payments within Iconiq’s asset management ecosystem.

Considered an innovative fintech company, Iconiq Lab supports the best crypto and blockchain startups to launch tokens through its accelerator programme. It is the world’s first batch-driven accelerator programme; for the first batch which started in February 2018, 165 startups from 38 countries made their application to the programme and from these, 5 were selected. Iconiq Lab collaborates with a number of quality companies from the finance and tech industries, and is a strategic partner of Finlab AG, a German publicly-traded fintech investor. The company has made the first BaFin (the German regulator) approved token sale in Germany. Iconiq Lab’s global team brings together a vast experience in international finance, startups and blockchain, state that they are committed to bringing transparency to the cryptomarkets and are currently working in the cryptospace with TaaS and Santiment.

According to Iconiq Holding, the launch of the ICNQ token on the GBX Grid is just one more value-driver to be added to the ICNQ economy, with the promise of many more to come.