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Gibraltar-based start up, GigTricks, has successfully completed its private token sale achieving worldwide interest and backing. The success of the private sale has generated a great deal of interest in the launch of its Pre-Sale, and the company last week released its Pre-Sale and Main-Sale dates. As a Gibraltar-based and GFSC regulated company, GigTricks’ ITO offering has to comply with Gibraltar’s regulatory system and has been categorized as a utility token.

With its headquarters in Dubai, GigTricks offers entrepreneurs from all over the world the opportunity to set up and run their own skills-based businesses by connecting with other entrepreneurs and talented professionals in fields as varied as business, technology, games development, social media marketing, animation and graphics among many others. Its 360° ecosystem for entrepreneurs offers a chance for start-ups to access the skills of individual, freelance professionals anywhere in the world, encourages connection as well as innovation, and fully facilitates successful participation in the expanding gig economy.

GigTricks’ founder and CEO, Amir Shaikh, is quoted in the company’s website as stating: “The GigTricks.com e-marketplace is on a mission to make the world a better place by facilitating unlimited growth opportunities for both entrepreneurs and freelancers around the world.”

With GigTricks’ platform already up and running and its marketplace live, investors should not have too long a waiting period. Additionally, GigTricks has announced that there will be no lockdown for tokens bought during the Pre-Sale and Main-Sale periods meaning that investors can sell their tokens whenever they want once they are available on token exchanges.
The Pre-Sale will run from 1st to 31st July, followed by the Main Sale from 1st to 30th September 2018.