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Minister Isola representing Gibraltar in Beijing

Albert Isola MP, Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce, was in Beijing, China, last week for a series of meetings with insurance and fintech businesses, the British Embassy and with a Chinese financial regulator.

Minister Isola was the guest speaker at a seminar entitled “Can Fintech Be Applied to Traditional Companies? A discussion with Minister Isola”. The seminar was held at the offices of Anshu Space in Chaoyang District where Anshu Space operates an Intelligent Business Centre equipped with cutting edge technology.

Minister Isola provided an overview of Gibraltar’s fintech sector and the development of the DLT regulations in Gibraltar. He also addressed the importance of maintaining high barriers to entry through robust regulation, highlighting the fact that Gibraltar seeks to attract only those fintech businesses of the highest quality and professional mindset.

Minister Isola stated: “I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Rebecca Fu of Blackhole Capital and Jack Ding of lawyers Duan and Duan who co-hosted the seminar and invited their clients, investee companies and business associates to the event including a number of digital exchanges. The adoption of technology across all aspects of life in China continues to gather pace and the innovation and implementation is staggering. It was a great pleasure to participate in the discussion on how fintech and techfin are being adopted across all sectors of the global economy, driving change and introducing efficiencies to traditional businesses.”