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Fintech Junction and Future of AI, Berlin

The 4th edition of FinTech Junction, a leading international conference is taking place in Berlin concurrently with the 3rd edition of Future Of AI. The event is taking place at STATION, Berlin on 11-12 December 2019. See below for special offer coupons for Gibraltar fintech firms and professional services!

Further to the success of the previous editions in Tel Aviv, Israel, both conferences are setting roots in Berlin, the heart of Europe, where hundreds of experts in both fields will convene to address burning questions, challenges and opportunities in the rapidly developing and highly disruptive industry. They will be creating connections and collaborations that will help enterprises, entrepreneurs and startups get closer to their market strategy.

Yoni Assia, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of e-Toro – which now has a base in Gibraltar –Rudolph Psaila, Chairmanat Finance Malta; Ben Robinson, co-founder ofAperture, Nicolas Kozakiewicz, Chief Innovation Officer atWorldline, are just a few of the distinguished speakers that will address burning questions, challenges and opportunities in the fintech industry.
Great conversations are set to unravel on the Future Of AI Europe stage as well, with speakers such as Jonathan Lavender, Global ChairmanofKPMG Enterprise; Dr Ralph Grothmann, Principal Consultant for predictive analytics, Siemens;Oren Gershon, AIPG Inference General Manager,Intel Israel; Emma Stromfelt, Chief Digital Officer, Anicura and many more.

According to Ben Pelled, CEO of FinTech Junction and Future of AI:

“Fintech Junction/Future Of AI Europe 2019 are produced in light of the success of the previous three conferences we held in Tel Aviv in recent years. Both events have become the leading conference in their respective field of technology and innovation with 1,500 experts from around the world, including investors, entrepreneurs, innovation and IT executives, accelerators and venture capitalists, meeting to discuss and progress the respective agenda”.

The topics to be discussed at this year’s FinTech Junction conference include crowd funding, blockchain and cyber security, open banking, loans and credit, artificial intelligence and big data applications across the board, social commerce, and much more.

Ben comments that “Berlin is an international hub for entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and start-ups and an obvious choice for our conference whose mission is to create bridges in the high-tech ecosystem irrespective of country of origin. The common denominator should be the will to connect and pursue solutions that will improve the quality of life and services rendered to the citizens of the world”.

The startups that will build a better world

One of the highlights of the upcoming conference will be the final phase of the FinTech Junction and Future Of AI start up competitions in the live pitch sessions.

In startups, we seek the promise for the future and what a wonderful contingency to end the year with identifying the startups that will drive progress and disruption in in 2020,” says Pelled.

“First, second and third place winners of the start-up competitions will receive attractive award packages to help advance their company toward the next stages of their operations, with the goal of exposing their companies to the audience of the conference and to companies that can extend growth potential. As every year, through the competitions, we are looking for companies with a great vision, first and foremost with motivated entrepreneurs and an elevated ability to succeed in implementing their vision. We were also very honoured to have the support of fintech experts in the sum of applications whom we wish to wholeheartedly thank for the time and effort invested in identifying the finalists.”

Here are the finalists of the FinTech Junction Europe 2019 startup competition in alphabetical order:


Apiax builds and offers tools that transform complex financial regulations into digital compliance rules, which are constantly up-to-date and verified.


Blanco is a banking platform for wealth and asset managers that automates the full asset management cycle and focuses on ultimate user experience.

Limitless lets the user save and invest automatically every day. We help our users to build their safety net, save money for short-term goals and invest long term. Financial institutions benefit from acquisition and retention, cross selling and monetising data.


LogSentinel’s solution keeps all logs, data and documents protected by blockchain technology, rendering data breaches virtually impossible.


Myos is rethinking working capital, dedicated to helping merchants globally grow to scale, fully digital and flexible. They go completely new ways of assessing risks and collateral based on big data and machine learning.


Particeep provides banks, asset management firms, insurances and their distributors an API technology, enabling them to distribute their financial products and services online. The company offers, in addition to its API integrating ready-to-use banking and insurance micro-services, white-label platforms to industrialise the online distribution of banking, insurance and investment products.


A completely modern and modular money transfer platform specifically architected to address the key challenges facing banks, non-banking financial institutions, and money services businesses today


Fintech Junction Europe 2019 startup competition judges are:

Andrei Dvornic, Investment Manager, Finch Capital

Fiona de Nicola, Associate, Plug and Play Tech Center

George Karantonis, Partner, Metavallon

Lily Jacobs, Director for UK and Europe, Cosec

Magdalena Balcerzak, Manager, Vestbee

Monica Scott, Design Strategist, Good Patch

Martyn Holman, Partner, Augmentum Finance

Nikora Rafaj, Chief Operating Officer, Startup Yard

Raviv Meital, M. Director, Head of Fintech & Innovation FS, ITA KPMG Israel

Samarth Shekhar, Regional Manager, EMEA, Six Thirty Ventures

Finalists of the Future of AI startup competition in alphabetical order:


Bdeo is an AI visual platform to the insurance industy aiming to solve and automate underwriting and claims with Deep Learning and video.


Evertracker is one of the first artificial intelligences for processes within supply chains and logistics. Their Artificial Intelligence learns processes and workflows of supply chain and logistics managers and is thus unique in the market.


Greeneum makes it easy for you to contribute to the future of green energy by focusing on elements that strengthen and secure your financial positions.

Inspector Cloud

Inspector Cloud ambitious goal is to set the retail industry standard for retail image recognition. AI- powered SAAS to monitor shelf space. Computer vision SaaS that helps sales reps of CPG companies to check on their shelf KPI through recognition of the goods.

Kepler Vision Technologies

The “Kepler Night Nurse” application employs deep learning and computer vision assisting caregivers to look after the well-being of their clients, at night. The advantages are a dramatic reduction in false alarms and much less reporting work for the caregivers.


ProovStation is an automated drive-through bay which detects and analyses vehicle damages. System generates a 360-degree photo scan of car in less than 3 seconds and increases the accuracy of damage recognition while reducing inspection costs up to 50% and greatly improving trust during the liability shift.


SentiSquare is an online service for digital marketing managers who deal with high traffic and noise in social media and can’t comprehensively monitor what their consumers are saying about their brands around the globe.

Uhura Solutions

Uhura Solutions help financial institutions speed up review and decision-making processes significantly by using an AI platform that streamlines the process of analyzing and drafting contracts and agreements.


Future Of AI Europe startup competition judges

Diana Nanova, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud for Startups

George Karantonis, Partner, Metavallon VC

Giulia Imperatrice, Program Director Numa NY

Hanan Lepek, CEO, Scenecio Robotics

Magdalena Balcerzak, Manager, Vestbee

Marie Luise Klose, Senior Manager Venture Development, Deutsche Bahn

Nikola Rafaj, Chief Operating Office, StartupYard

Ofira Engelberg, Business Development & Marketing, Director at the Israeli Trade Center, Berlin.

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