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Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce, Mr Albert Isola, is to speak at Consensus 2019 in New York in May. Mr Isola has played a key role in leading Gibraltar to developing the first regulatory framework for firms using blockchain technology to store or transfer value belonging to others. The regulations came into force in January 2018 and have established Gibraltar at the forefront of regulation of cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses across the world.

Minister Isola is an experienced speaker, having delivered keynote addresses at major financial services conferences in various countries. His role as the Government of Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce includes responsibility for financial services policy, product development and international tax compliance. He also had a leading role in the establishment of the Gibraltar International Bank, a home-grown full-service credit institution and retail bank. He also holds ministerial responsibility for Gibraltar’s vibrant online gaming sector, with Gibraltar enjoying an excellent reputation internationally as a premier online gaming jurisdiction.

One of the world’s largest gatherings of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology professionals, Consensus 2019 is set to take place from May 13thto May 15th in New York. Every year since it’s start in 2015, Consensus has attracted most major companies, developers, business founders and investors in the cryptocurrency and the blockchain world. Consensus is the place for engaging with industry participants at all levels, helping to break down barriers between companies and individuals within the industry and helping to establish relationships and collaborations that will keep the momentum of the industry moving forwards at pace.

Consensus 2019 aims to provide insightful, thoughtful and challenging content as well as an opportunity for networking, striking of fruitful collaborations and sparking of new ideas and initiatives. Attendees can expect tough questions to be fielded, new ideas elaborated and exchanged and the industry to be put under the microscope to forge “a collective vision as we advance together”. The agenda presents three broad categories: Business, Markets and Technology to offer a holistic view of the industry.