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The Gibro Group

The Gibro Group is a multi-disciplinary group of companies which specialise in providing bespoke trust, corporate, legal, private client and family office services to companies and high net worth individuals through 5 wholly-owned offices across the globe. Our client offering is unique; a dynamic, ever-evolving, client-focused “boutique” brand.

The Gibro Group brand is internationally regarded for its excellent reputation, standards of integrity and its ease of access to a pool of experienced professional advisors, always willing to assist and support each and every client.

Fintech Advisory Services

 The Gibro Group has placed itself at the forefront of Gibraltar’s fintech solutions, encompassing primarily the use of Gibraltar as a jurisdiction which is fast becoming the global pace-setter in this exciting new sector.

Through services provided by PRT Lawyers LLP, a long-established Gibraltar-based law firm associated with the Gibro Group, we are well equipped to provide assistance to those looking to become licenced in Gibraltar and/or launch an ICO from within Gibraltar. PRT Lawyers’ specialist team advises on all aspects of Blockchain, Token Sales (Initial Coin Offerings) and Crytocurrency, including taking clients through the entire licensing application process.


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